Help a child

When you choose to assist a child, you becomes part of the family, as you are aware that educating a child is not just about paying for his/her education, but there are other ingredients attached to it; in order to invest in a child future, we believe that they need to eat, have a place to stay and study and be treated like human being. we are very proud of you for understanding that any little help directly or indirectly can make a child’s life better. $2,$3 and $4 monthly can assist with something like a little package of food, sanitation or else. Let’s not just waste money for paying for their school and abandon them, but let get in contact with their family members and help them smile while learning, let’s help them find something in the table after school to make sure we are not only pay their school fees, but also we assist the way we can.
you might want to do a one time donator, it is ok, but remember to receive our thankful gratitude.
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School in Haiti receiving school supplies from Radif