The RDF Inc. has seen the light in year 2008 in North Miami Florida after a group of friends understood that there was a need for something new. After a careful review of what was missing, they realized that a service that can assist small business was missing. They understood that it was not all and even enough, but they have started the marketing business to not only provide streaming services for broadcasters in the community who have been left behind by the more advance people, but  by the technology world as well. They were also forgoten by even those who were making fortune of their ignorance. After the first 3 years of free services, some people believe that the quality of service provided was so well, it shall not and was not free, but it truly was. It was with the founder own personal financing with no benefit and assistance from nobody, it was something from the heart. The company has been slaped by a 3rd of the community, but the majory keeps following it and keeping it strong every day. Here is the story behind RDF, Radio Doucefm on http://www.doucefm.com

The main purpose of the RDF Inc. Radio Douce Fm incorporated is to facilitate a better way to promote small businesses by providing affordable and free marketing strategies allowing them to grow with small or no spending.

Creating a bridge between the consumers and sellers and making virtual and traditional interaction between the two entities more accessible.

Making Radio marking a tool for business growth not swimming into deficits

As communication is a tool to interact with each other by different means, the RDF shall be the key that open the doors for new broadcasters and train them for the real world experience as a service provide to the community.

RDF shall start virtually and soon becoming a community radio to bring light to the community by opening its door to and for the community and its children for generations, serving in different aspects.

RDF shall provide business advice, technology assistance to the entire community especially those that are least fortunate and elders, computer training and translation, basic website and flyers for small business, and social assistance here and aboard to the unfortunates’

Providing traditional yearly events for community leaders, businesses and young entrepreneurs to connect together and giving advice for new comers in the business world.Our Branch: Forum Radio more than 10,000.00 members

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